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  Astrolavos dexameni 17.05.11 - 11.06.11

On Tuesday, 17th of May, takes place at the Art Gallery «Astrolavos dexameni» (Xanthippou 11, Kolonaki, tel: 210 7294342,3 fax: 210 7293317, opening hours: Tues-Fri. 10.30-15.00 & 18.00-21.00, Sat. 10.30-15.00 closed on Sunday-Monday,, email: the vernissage of the painting and constructions exhibition by S.Paraskevopoulou entitled: " Is this in a fairy tale..?  and the photography exhibition by Tita Bonatsou entitled: " Geometry & Lights "

Sofia Paraskevopoulou, in her new exhibition, presents her heroines stripped of the black and white, dressed in colours and starting an improvised “war” game.
They invade in the fairytales world, take shape, distribute the roles and invite the spectator to create his own urban story. The artistic juxtaposition of images is accomplished by the creation of colourfoul, wood-cut figures in a fairytale environment with a strong chess pattern.
With strong references on the aesthetic of comics and graffiti, the artist creates her own pop-art figures, which she classifies in a dramatic-surreal world. In the landscape compositions dominates a sense of fairytale, which is animated and “coloured” by the female figure which prevails, in different roles. From woman-child to woman-female, who colours the black and white world around her. The red, blue, yellow or green, glittered clothes of the female figures bring more in mind the theatrical costumes than the clothes of our times.
It is a world that seems to come entirely from fairytale – a contemporane gothic fairytale, in which the heroes search for ways out to the imagination and the mythical atmosphere of the towers, the castles and a magical landscape. The way out is in a dreamy world, which is crated by their imagination!
The melancholy in the gaze seems to accompany these colourful stories, the colourful worlds, the dreams and to shade the hope that emerges of the vivid bright colours.
The optimism underlies in this childish-adult universe, in the wide opened eyes that search avidly the brightness of this or another world. The forests, the rivers, the lagoons, the elves, the fairies, the trees are somehow dark.
The heroines of today and tomorrow want to add some colour, to make life brighter, to preserve the dream in a world that looks like a giant chessboard.

“Geometry & Lights”

The new photography exhibition of Tita Bonatsou could also be named Fotosymmetric Geometry. The light, the symmetry-geometry, the harmony, the feeling, the elegance are the dominant elements which characterise the new photographic series of the artist. All these elements are against the last decades’ logic of the irrational, of numbers, of economic values and of money, that rule the world. In her personal system of values, as far as it concerns her Art, Gold is represented by Light.  

« I work with that. It is my inspiration, I multiply it, I divide it. Light creates everything, it can compose something out of nothing. It is my only medium through which I traverse my path to the world. The traces of this path I present them, here today»

Classic photographs, without any kind of retouch, in big C-PRINT dimensions, her images are compositions of other smaller images-photographs which function as mosaics in more complex or more simple collage synthesis.  

Her work is Abstract work (minimal photography), with elegance, deco style, games of transparency and shadow. Not many human figures are found in these photographic series of her, while the main substance, is for the viewer, to feel emotions created by these new icons and through the way of light. The photographer’s aim is the elegant expression of mental process.

Every separate photograph consists of many photographs, which are ordered in such synthesis, that a whole new icon - photograph is created, dragging the spectator in the artist ’s own world, in a game of seduction, where the puzzling images challenge you to think and look for their meaning..
Artworks based on composition, symmetry, order and disorder, geometry, architecture, harmony and chaos, light and darkness, contrasts and subtle colour gradations, where the cognition and thought process is recorded and described, through the creation of the visual form.
“I finally made a factory of personal objects of light!
A kind of both narration and communication, with timid emotional references.
As a film director and a photographer, I am inspired very often from the challenge of creating an artwork with beginning, middle and end, which will tell a story, “carré - carré”. In “ GEOMETRY & LIGHTS " there is some difference from my previous work. Here it is not the time that concerns me, but the importance of the light! the strength of the light, of the universal form, of the archetype..
In these photographs, the unimportant becomes important and the leading actor in a grandiose play...right because it consists of worthless materials...˝


Duration of exhibition: until Saturday 11th June 2011

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