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  Astrolavos dexameni 16.11.04 - 01.12.04

On Tuesday the 16th of November at the middle level of Art Gallery ASTROLAVOS dexameni opens a photography exhibition by Ilias Kosintas.

The main subject of Kosintas exhibition the animals.
Wild or domesticated animals, restricted or free in their natural environment.
Animals that accept love or are being used by humans.
Animals, that have Greek or foreign "nationality".
Animals, that live or in sofa. Animals, that live with people.
Animals, that pose gently or anxiously and curiously to the camera. Animals with a moist look.
Animals, that are incredibly photogenic and that the creative eye of the photographer managed to capture. A personal, subversive, funny, tender and creative look.

Ilias Kosintas doesn't take use of animals nor treats them with an obsessive love.
He stands by them with a friendly attitude, equivalently and generously. His sympathy is a natural attraction that is impressed in his black -white pictures.

Duration: until 1st of December.

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